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  • Mama Juggs is a “fit-into-a-luggage” show and is easily set up and broken down. Since the whole set fits into a suitcase, it is extremely cost effective. The show can be performed with one stationary armchair and two black box cubes with one sound cue on CD (operated by your staff member) and a few basic lights (or no lights at all).
  • Pricing for the Mama Juggs show varies depending on the size of the audience, the location, and the number of shows desired.
  • The show can be set up in all size venues, including: living rooms, large conference rooms, churches, community centers, black box theaters, beauty salons/barbershops, proscenium stages.
  • Mama Juggs runs 60-90 minutes, without an intermission, depending on audience interactions. The actress invites the audience to participate if they desire as she uses fresh improvisation and comic relief.
  • The Mama Juggs breast health show is suitable for both male and female audiences over 16 years old, from high school students to senior citizens. Please, no infants. Mature children accompanied by a parent or guardian are allowed.
  • Workshop sessions on breast health and body image can be tailor-made to meet the needs of your organization, whether on social issues – breast health, cancer disparities, family taboos, body image, combating low self-esteem, bra art therapy, etc. – or on the art of solo performance: writing, acting, and directing yourself. Classes/workshop sessions are 60 minutes and include handouts and interactive exercises that encourage personal development.


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