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New research led by our amazing Breakthrough Breast Cancer scientist Göran Landberg at the University of Manchester has found a way to predict if women will respond to the drug tamoxifen. This is important because if we know which women will not benefit from tamoxifen, they can be offered other treatment options first. click the link to CLICK & READ the whole story
I just learned that Americans can prevent almost 400,000 cancers every year by doing less than 5 things.
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Found this recipe for fried green tomatoes that have abundant doses of Vitamin C, A, K and Tomatine, a powerful ingredient known to inhibit cancer growth in the breast, colon and liver! 
CLICK & TRY making cancer fighting fried green tomatoes
Most Breast Cancers develop in the same area where you rub antiperspirants. Try making your own homemade deodorant with all natural ingredients. Check out this Youtube video!
CLICK & LEARN how to make your own Deodorant
Today I ran across this down-to-earth pamphlet for anyone caring for someone with cancer. There is even inspirational stories for motivation.
CLICK & LEARN about Frankly Speaking about Cancer
My mama would say, “I got breast cancer, but I ain’t dead! I still want a good lover in my life.” In Rochester, they’ve started a support group for survivors about sexuality after treatment and recovery.
CLICK & LEARN about issues of dating and intimacy as a breast cancer survivor
It’s in the news that we are often told about the benefit of early detection of breast cancer through mammography. However, it seldom that we’re thoroughly informed about the risks.
CLICK & LEARN about Risks & Limitations of Mammograms


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