(2012) CDC Professor Diablo True Revue III

Professor Diablo’s True Revue III
Presented by Duke University’s Center for Documentary Studies

“Relations” is the theme for the third installment of this performance series that links documentary field-work and artistic process.

Award-Winning Creator Of “Mama Juggs” To Perform Tonight

The principals, as usual, are luminaries. Anita Woodley is an accomplished writer, performer, director, producer and journalist, whose Mama Juggswon awards last year while raising breast cancer awareness. Former Carolina Chocolate Drop Justin Robinson spins stories atop restless music from the Mary Annettes. Photographer Thaddaeus Edwards, who married Robinson in Massachusetts in 2009, is a founding member of New Traditions Theatre. Howard L. Craft staged the first installment of his black superhero epic, Jade City Chronicles, at Manbites Dog Theater.

When: Tue., Aug. 28, 8 p.m., Cashbah  1007 W Main Street, Durham
Price: $3.00

Presented by Duke’s Center for Documentary Studies in partnership with the Hinge Literary Center, this episode is co-produced by Little Green Pig Theatrical Concern artistic director Jay O’Berski. Initially, the evening was going to be about marriage, but the theme splayed out as the performers talked about it. “We wanted to include material about kung fu grandmas and wise pimp stepfathers,” O’Berski explained via email. “The thread is the unique and unlikely love stories that make all families worthy of artistic homage and scrutiny.” —Chris Vitiello Disclosure: Vitiello has curated events for the Hinge.

Woodley, based in Chapel Hill, NC, is an award-winning national journalist for The Story with Dick Gordon and the 2012 Durham Arts Council’s Emerging Artist in Drama. In 2010, after tracing her maternal roots to the Tikar people of central Africa, she brought Mama Juggs across the Atlantic and was the first in her family to reconnect with their ancestral tribe.

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