Anita’s NEW WORK: The Men in Me

 The Men in Me: Our Fathers, Our Brothers, Our Sons…                                  Weaving More Compassion and Power Into Their Stories.

The Men in Me” debuted during the summer of 2012 in Los Angeles’ Theater Row and Oakland, California - the play’s primary setting. Men In Me solo staged play and cd soundtrack by Anita  Woodley are hard-hitting complementary works of melodic drama and poetry. They provide a peak into the quietly kept triumphs and lingering trials and triumphs related to poverty in Oakland, California.

The Men In Me tells the stories of young males in America – young and old, straight and gay, liberated and incarcerated – who hunger to grow beyond bleak circumstances and dismal statistics. Their chosen roads – whether dead-ending or circling back or opening up – helped shape Anita Woodley into the woman she is today. This show features live bass guitar and original social justice poetry.

This project is made possible by an Ella Fountain Pratt Emerging Artists Grant from the Durham Arts Council, with support from the North Carolina Arts Council, a division of the Department of Cultural Resources.

Critic Wanda Sabir wrote, “Everything about the Men in Me was outstanding from the pacing to the cast of characters, the props… the public doesn’t see enough of these men who live in you and many others.”

“This is truly a serious addition to the literature of Arts & Letters , and to Theater in particular,” says Theater Director and Educator, John Hamner of San Francisco.

In written comments, audience members praised the show as being “funny, real and serious” with socially-relevant material. “It took me back to my childhood. You have the ‘men’ down packed. Brilliant!”

“If you’ve caught one of Anita Shontel Woodley’s one-person shows, you already know her uncanny ability to dial up a wide range of characters. But where Mama Juggs featured three generations of women facing breast cancer, her new work focuses on what she terms the “quietly kept narratives of trial and triumph” from the men in her family. The Men in Me: Our Fathers, Our Brothers, Our Sons, which premiered in California in August, examines the responses of men young and old, straight and gay, to circumstances she’s described as desperate. Then it looks at how their choices and outcomes have influenced Woodley’s life. We expect hard truths and sharp characters in a work that purports to be “weaving more compassion and power into their stories.” Byron Woods, Critic of Independent Weekly


The Men In Me – Cd Soundtrack Volume 1
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